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Metab­o­lism Wellness

A com­bi­na­tion of lifestyle fac­tors includ­ing poor nutri­tion, lack of exer­cise, stress, poor sleep, etc is hav­ing a pro­nounced bio­log­i­cal effect on the major­ity of our friends, fam­ily, and neigh­bors. Some might call it a silent, but deadly epi­demic.  The most obvi­ous sign of this is belly fat.  Labs prove fur­ther evi­dence such as  high glu­cose, cho­les­terol, triglyc­erides, LDL etc.  High blood pres­sure is fur­ther proof.

 While the con­di­tion may be referred to by dif­fer­ent names in dif­fer­ent coun­tries, symp­toms are the same.  There is a higher inci­dence of these prob­lems in places where fast foods are common. 

 Symp­toms come on so grad­u­ally that peo­ple don’t notice too much of a change from day to day.   Pant and belt size get big­ger and big­ger.  Very slowly, peo­ple get more tired and become couch potatoes.

The most com­mon causes of death such as stroke, coro­nary artery dis­ease, dia­betes, kid­ney fail­ure and can­cer are related to this same process.  Peo­ple we both know and love are slowly devel­op­ing heart dis­ease, etc, which should be a call to action, to change our culture’s lifestyle.

That is where we come in.  We are com­mit­ted to help­ing you lose the fat etc, and not become a sta­tis­tic.  We are here to help pro­vide the struc­ture peo­ple need to form health­ier lifestyle habits over time, that we hope will slow down, and hope­fully reverse the dis­ease process.  We call it Metab­o­lism Wellness.

We will never claim the process will always be easy, but as peo­ple begin to fol­low our pro­gram, it becomes eas­ier.   The advice and tips we give, has helped thou­sands of peo­ple get back on track.

Please enjoy and use this site. Together we can help our friends, fam­ily and neigh­bors live a health­ier life.

We love your feedback.

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Gary Kiefer, ND


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